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Long Before The Cat Needs Pharmaceuticals, This Is What Must Happen

Yes, while it is well known that the cat still has its nine lives, the cat is out of the bag. The secret has been out for quite some time and it is not even ironic. The cat’s whiskers suggest that worthy and loving cat owners have done a swell job at taking care of their pets. This has led to such lucky pets being able to live longer than average lives. But in the advanced stages of a mature cat’s life, one life after another can quickly be ticked off.

cat pharmacy

Today, advanced medical technologies and treatment and care practices extend to the animals as well. Senior cats can have their prescriptions seen to by the specialist cat pharmacy too. But before that can even happen, this is what must happen. No loving cat owner will be able to purchase specialist drugs from a pharmacy without a proper medical prescription. And for that prescription to become possible, a full medical diagnosis must be carried out.

All it takes is a quick extension of the claws. Simply send a cat friendly email to the specialist veterinary surgeon and get the fur balls rolling. It is all good for you and your cat if she is still in reasonably good health. Because at least two days’ notice is required to set up a first appointment. But not to worry if you are dealing with an emergency. For urgent care needs you can even contact the vet via his preferred social media network.

More than likely, you are already on that network too. And in this space, all urgent queries could be catered for, long before having to gather up Miss Whiskers for a first time visit to the vet.